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Who I Am

I am a software engineer emphasizing on designing, implementing, and maintaining systems that are scalable, reliable, and performant. I'm a generalist that can flex from working with people to arms deep in tech. I strive to create highly-optimized systems while taking into account the human element.

I started my career at Google, where I learned how to build, maintain, and run massive distributed storage systems. Later, at Nest Labs, I helped rewrite core systems to scale a backend with a growing number of users and devices. At Mimosa Networks, I worked with a small team to rework a consumer network monitoring system into smaller component services.

What I Want to Do

I enjoy making systems run that smoothly and are easy to maintain and upgrade. I like to combine my experience as an SRE (maintaining highly-scaleable critical systems) and as a software engineer to make systems perform smoothly end-to-end, from design to sunset.

Why I Do This

Technology has been changing the world at an unprecedented pace. The internet, and more recently distributed systems, have opened up a new world where large amounts of people, ideas, and data can be combined to enhance humanity. I'd like to do all I can and see how far this takes us.

What I can do for you

Let's plan ahead so you don't need to worry.

System Architecture

Design: You can't slap on reliability and scalability at the end.


Optimize where it's needed, but a little planning can prevent you from painting yourself in a corner.


If it doesn't work, no one will use it.


If you aren't measuring how your system is working — it isn't.

Measure Twice;
Cut once.

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